When Covid struck, the experiential design work we had lined up or in progress was shelved and we had to start thinking about how we could adapt our business to this new environment. We really wanted to demonstrate that we could still create something impactful and engaging, even if it was behind glass. We also felt compelled to do something that would spread some positivity and hold personal meaning for us. What if we could just create an opportunity for ourselves to work with a dream client on something inspiring? And so, we did! 

We’re big fans of Irish-born, Brooklyn based acclaimed artist and bestselling author Oliver Jeffers. When we discovered he had a new release coming out this fall, What We’ll Build: Plans For Our Together Future, we immediately began envisioning how we could be part of that. We pitched HarperCollinsCanada on our idea for a one-of-a-kind street front window installation that would offer a spectacular glimpse into the world of the book. They quickly came on board and secured a blessing and assistance from the Jeffers UK team on the project.

With technical lighting and magic from the amazing team at wondeMakr, a Toronto based creative technology studio, we created an immersive window experience in our street front Leslieville studio called What We’ll Build – A Visual Experience.

In addition to celebrating the book’s release in an unexpected and captivating way, we added the ability to purchase the book on the spot from a fellow Leslieville business, Queen Books, via QR code (#supportlocal). Plus, a contesting element courtesy of HarperCollinsCanada where passersby could win a copy of the book signed by Oliver Jeffers by sharing a photo of the installation on social.

This book’s message of love and hope perfectly conveys the kind of positivity and good we want to reflect in our work. And watching the reactions from inside our studio as kids and adults alike discovered the world of this enchanting story through our work, it felt like we succeeded. 

Huge thanks to @harpercollinsca for being amazing collaborators and to our friends at @wondermakr and @cameron_advertising for their help in bringing this to life. 

If you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to pop by and check it out!